A Varta battery

VARTA are renowned as ‘the battery experts’ with their SILVER-CALCIUM technology giving 20% longer life, improved starting performance and unbeatable reliability.

More than 100 years of scientific dedication to the design and production of batteries means that they have the best products on the market today.

Varta BatteriesWe also stock what we call our ‘fighting brand’ battery also made by VARTA but marketed as POWERMAX, a quality two year warranty Heavy Duty battery. Our range includes batteries to fit car, truck, plant, motorcycle and deep-cycle marine.

We have up to date knowledge of all types of batteries including sealed gel, fully maintenance free and classic hard rubber 6 volt types.

In addition to our extensive range of batteries we also stock such items as battery leads, terminals and isolator switches. Once again rest assured of our invaluable years of knowledge especially in marine applications.

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