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A Guaranteed Blown Head Gasket repair or your money back!

Head Gasket Repair
Steel Seal™ blown head gasket repair creates a seal that will repair all cylinder head gasket problems and withstand high temperatures and high pressures to create a permanent repair. The product can be used in both petrol and diesel engines both steel and aluminium. It will work on any vehicle with a water cooling system so thats cars, vans, pickups,4x4, bikes, boats even tractors and agricultural machinery fixed. Steel Seal is a product that should be on the shelf in everyones garage or tool box should your cylinder head gasket ever go it will be there to make the repair effortlessly for you.

Simply add to the normal factory recommended antifreeze (etheleyne glycol only) coolant, introduce immediately one Litre of water and one litre of antifreeze for every bottle of Steel Seal. Do not use with any other antifreeze!

How does Steel Seal™ work?

Steel Seal™ is added to an antifreeze/water mixture and poured into the radiator of a cold engine. Once the engine is started and reaches operating temperature, Steel Seal™ is distributed through the engine. The product is drawn into the damaged area and seals the crack with a thermo-chemical bonding action process. Which is similar to that of an epoxy resin just in liquid form!


How long will steel seal last?

With Steel Seal™ the seal is permanent under normal operating conditions, but there is always the possibility of another leak in another part of the engine.


Will it clog the engine’s cooling system?

Steel Seal™ is a clear formula that contains no fibrous materials or particles that could clog engine coolant passages. You can see that for yourself, just look through the bottle.

Will antifreeze compromise the seal?

No, in fact, Steel Seal™ MUST be used with antifreeze.

Please use a good quality 2 year ethelyne glycol antifreeze, steer clear of any 5 year anti freeze as this can react with the steelseal.

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